Playlist de l’émission Rock le son #26 du jeudi 20 mai 2021 :

Saint Agnes – Welcome to Silvertown

Green Day – Hitchin’ a ride

The Beatles – Twist and shout

Ben Harper – Faded (Live au au Heaven à Adelaide en Australie le 23 mars 1997)

Sonic Youth – Kissability

Last Train – Scars

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Coffee Shop

Mary’s Dream – Mfd

Mogwai – We’re no here

Last Barons – M. A. B.

Marilyn Manson – The Reflecting God

Ravage Club – Ici et maintenant

Nirvana – Sappy

Génériques : Backit – Dark Express/ Paper Plane Pilots – Something New (In my life) / Aphrodite’s Child – The Battle of the locust

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